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Raptors and Vultures | Greifvögel und Geier

I noted that my page on raptors and vultures in Switzerland (see button below) draws a lot of attention. I have therefore decided to add a page with pictures of these kinds of birds encountered outside of Switzerland, during our journeys. Bear with me: Some of the pictures go back to the very beginning of our birding and bird photography activities or even further back. Both skills and equipment have improved over time ;-). Pictures are organized according to their Latin names by family and within a family by genus (example: the Common Kestrel belongs to the family of Falconidae and the genus Falco). You will find on this page and in this order: -Accipitrids ("hawk-like" raptors, Accipitridae, including old-world vultures), -Pandionidae; there is actually only one species in this family, the Osprey) -Sagitariidae; again with only one species, the Secretarybird). These three families form the order of Accipitriformes. In addition, you will find on this page: -Cathartidae: new world vultures -Falconidae: Falcons Owls, while technically raptors, are a bit special. I might add those at a later date or give them their own page. Last revised: June 2024

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