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In May 2018 we spent two weeks on the beautiful island of Mallorca. The first week we were invited to stay with longtime friends of ours on their wonderful finca, exploring the island's more easterly part. The second week we roomed at the Formentor, halfway out to the Cap Formentor, from where we explored the west. We found birds everywhere on the island, and it was a wonderful spectacle to have the Cinereous Vulture fly by below us at Talaia d'Albercutx or to observe the fight of two Ospreys at Cuber. And naturally there was an abundance of all kinds of birds (songbirds, herons, plovers, ducks,stilts etc.) at the two bird reserves of S'Albufera and S'Albufereta near Alcúdia.

So when we were asked by our friends to come back in early summer of 2022 we did not hesitate for a second to confirm! We saw some new places, but also visited old ones like the bird reserves, where there was astonishingly much activity for the ime of the year. During the whole stay we saw a lot of parenting birds feeding and educating young ones.

Last revised: July 2022

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