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Many Kinds of Woodpeckers

A Collection of Woodpecker Photos

I don't know why, but I have become to love woodpeckers particularly. They are my favorite birds. I believe they are cool, and when you see a couple of them doing their wild courtship flights in spring, it is a quite amazing show! Also, woodpeckers can be found in many parts of the world, which gives you a kind of "homely" feeling, although they may look quite different from what you are used to. We were really surprised to see the Banded Woodpecker in Taman Negara, which was at the very beginning of our birding activities. And South India, a couple of years later, seemed to be full of woodpeckers. So wonderful!

All the birds depicted are from the Picidae family. But there is a great variety of subfamilies and tribes.Unfortunately, there is no unified taxonomy, so you will find some of the woodpeckers in different subfamilies or tribes, depending on where you look them up.

All pictures © Ueli Huber

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